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I am writing this walk through with intention of connecting a IPOD. But any device could be used (XM, Sirius, PC, other MP3 Player, any audio device with RCA Style connector's)

This is just a general guide I guarantee nothing. And you should do this at your own risk and only if you are knowledgeable with the tools needed.

Tools Needed.
1.Radio removal tools (coat hangers bent)
2.#8 Torx Bit/screw driver
3.Acid Free Solder (Rosin)
4.Soldering Gun
6.Electrical Tape
7.Drill w/ bits
8.Tin Snips
9.Audio CD w/ blank track (see bottom)
10.Common Sense

Making Cable.
Any type of RCA, Mini Stereo, in any male / female combo can be used!
1. I took a 6' male/male 1/8" mini stereo cable.
2. Cut one end off. And remove main insulation. Remove about 6" of insulation from red and white wires.
Twist ground wires together from each cable and make 1.
3. Remove about 1" of insulation from red and white wire, twist ends tight.


1. First remove radio with removal tools or coat hangers.

2. Turn over radio, remove 2 #8 TORX screws. Cover will then slide out. (It may take some pulling but it will come.)

3. Find solder points. Take wire that we made earlier and solder red and white wires to points shown in picture. Next solder ground wire to spot on back of motherboard that is attached to case.
Tape down wires with electrical tape to keep from pulling them loose during installation. Also I recommend putting some tape around the ground wire just to be safe so that it doesnít short anything out!

4. I took a pair of tin snips and cut out a piece of metal near the opening for the connectors. Doing this allowed me to pass the wire through a hole in the back of the radio opening near the antenna plug without obstructing installation of radio.

5. After cutting the cover I taped the wires down to the back of the radio and covered the wire where it came near the opening I cut.
Then replaced the screws and tightened.

6. (I pulled the center console apart for this) Make sure that when you are ready to put the radio back in you put the trim back on first the radio trim will NOT go back on with the radio already installed.
I put the wire through the hole in the frame near the antenna plug and ran it into the bottom of the cup holder (made hole a little bigger). Ran wire through cup holder and out next to side of rubber bottom. So I can still use cup holder.
You could also run the wire into the center console and get a IPOD dock station thing with a charger and put the IPOD in the center console. But I want to be able to use the IPOD without opening the console every time.

7. Push the Radio Back in and pull the wire slightly at the same time so it doesnít bind up behind the radio, push till you hear the click. Turn on car and put Audio CD with blank track in changer put on repeat plug in player and your off!

Ok a couple of things this install works great and I couldn't be happier. You will need to make a audio CD with a track with no information on the track to sound perfect. Here is a 5 min track I made for you, I compressed it with WinRAR.

Right Click, Save As


Burn Track to CD as a normal audio disc NOT a data disc.

For those who have a Mac.
1. Download an app like UnRarX to unzip the rar file.
2. Drag the track into iTunes
3. Create a new play list
4. Add the silent track to playlist
5. Right click on the playlist and select Burn to CD

How to make a hard wire power cord for a IPOD.

1. Buy a IPOD car charger.Link.
2. I took apart the cigarette plug and then removed all the insulation from the coiled cable first.
3. Then I took the resistor out of the cigarette plug and soldered it in-line with the power cord(white)(I wasn't sure if this was required but I did it anyway as a safety measure, I am sure it would work without the resistor but I donít wanna gamble with my IPOD).
I then got a mini in-line fuse holder and put a 2 amp mini fuse in that before the resistor. Hard wired it to the ground and a power for the cigarette lighter outlet in the glove box (note: this will only work when the car is on ACC or running. Not when car is off.
You would have to tap into some type of ignition wire to make that happen) and it works like a charm!

Thanks to Willow, geeter05, rcanglin, and everyone else who made this easier!
All pictures were mine except for close up of motherboard which I got in the post by geeter05.

This is just a general guide I guarantee nothing. And you should do this at your own risk and only if you are knowledgeable with the tools needed.

If you find any problems or mistakes or would like to add something or leave a comment. Contact me.

Any little bit helps!!!
Really Anything!

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